Durahold Rug Pad Shapes

Rug pads are a vital addition to your home if you want to ensure the best protection for your carpets and floors. Installing a rug pad on the underside of your carpet will give an extra layer of protection that will keep carpet fibres from unravelling, thereby extending the lifespan of your rug or carpet. In addition, a rug pad will keep your carpet fixed in one place and prevent it from wearing constantly against the floor. This will protect your floor from damage. Owing to the dual advantage they provide for homes, many homeowners have taken to buying rug pads whenever they purchase rugs and carpets for their floors.

One of the best options for you is the Durahold rug pad. These rug pads offer many advantages to homeowners over regular rug pads. They have a stronger grip and prevent carpets from slipping around, effectively locking them into position. They also work well with all types of floors and factory finishings. Durahold offers rug pads in many common shapes so that all types of area rugs can benefit from the protection and comfort they provide. So if you are planning to buy a rug pad, make sure it matches the shape of your rug or carpet. Mismatched rug pads may stick out and become an eyesore.

Durahold Plus – Ovals

durahold oval padsAt Durahold, you can find Durahold Plus non slip rug pads for oval-shaped carpets and rugs. This type of rug pad will offer your carpeting the best brand of comfort and keep it functioning for a long time. Its resilient texture prevents even the thickest rug from sliding around on the floor, thereby safeguarding sensitive floor surfaces. Being thick and sturdy, Durahold Plus adds the necessary bulk and density to the carpet, thereby creating a soft and comfortable surface to walk on. With their superior cushioning ability, Durahold Plus is an excellent choice for oval-shaped carpeting.

Durahold Plus – Rectangles

For rectangular carpets and rugs, you can buy Durahold Plus that will serve as the strongest protective agent you will ever need for your carpeting. With its excellent cushioning support and resilient structure, Durahold Plus prolongs the lifespan of the carpet as well as the floor so they retain their look and texture for a long time. Made from a solid 48 ounces, these rug pads prevent any kind of pressure, whether from rough walking or heavy furniture, from inflicting damage on floors, particularly delicate flooring like hardwood, ceramic, marble and tile. So you can easily place Durahold Plus in places with heavy-duty furniture and rooms that receive constant foot traffic.

durahold padsDurahold Plus – Rounds

If you want a rug pad for circular rugs and carpets, look no further than Durahold Plus. These rug pads work especially well with hardwood, solid wood and other hard floors, tempering their firm and rigid surface and ensuring a soft and smooth walk, making them ideal for lining carpets in high traffic areas like bedrooms and living rooms. They are also thick and dense, providing a strong protective layer for the carpet. This makes them a good addition to sensitive places like kitchens and bathrooms as they greatly reduce the hazard of tripping and sustaining injuries.

Durahold Plus – Runners

For best rug pads for runners, look to Durahold Plus which will provide the best protection for busy hallwaysand crowded spaces. Runners make for a good alternative to rugs and carpets, and can greatly enhance the look of your room or hallway with their bright and colourful texture. To safeguard your runners from harm, place a Durahold rug pad underneath them that will greatly enhance their lifespan. Hallways receive a lot of foot traffic and, therefore, need the best level of security you can give them. Durahold Plus offers the necessary bulk and thickness to keep your costly runners from harm and also to preserve their looks.

durahold square padsDurahold Plus – Squares

Durahold Plus is the best rug pad to line square-shaped carpets and rugs in your homes. This rug pad is made from superior quality natural rubber and felt, both of which are thick and resilient materials and can resist any kind of pressure from heavy furniture or rough footsteps. Durahold Plus can give your carpet and floor premium protection so that they last a long time. It is made from eco-friendly raw materials that have passed through stringent quality tests and are good additions for a greener and healthier home environment. These rug pads are safe for all types of flooring, and keep your floor from damage via stains or dyes on the carpet.

Seeing the many benefits they provide for homes, buying a Durahold rug pad is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners. They are not only safe for use, but are highly comfortable as well which is why they have scored high points with several leading home experts.

Durahold Rug Pads And Their Limits

Some of the worst climate to live in is the cold weather. The cold can be an unforgiving part of nature. Too much exposure to the cold can be extremely detrimental to health. Human civilization has progressed enough to build houses, which keep the cold out somewhat. However, advancement in home solutions has provided us a chance tolive very comfortably. For that, you need rug pads.

rugpadThe Rug Pads and Why Do You Need Them

Rug pads are made of specially selected materials that are placed under rugs that keep them from sliding, slipping, and bunching up. In addition to that, the rug pads protect the floor from scratches and provide comfort while walking. Rug pads also have another use that is mostly unknown to the general population. Rug pads can be used as an insulation material. There are 3 factors, which signify how good a carpet will be at insulation.

Making Rug Pads Are A Tricky Business

There are many factors, which go into the production of a rug pad including the material used and the thickness of the pad among many others. And there are different standards used in the industry to gauge the quality of the rug pad. One of those variables is called the R-Factor. The R-Factor measures the amount of insulation it will provide to the floor. High values of the R-Factor imply that the rug pad is relativity good at preventing the escape of heat and vice versa. Usually a good insulation layer has an R-Factor value of 2 or higher. The R-Factor depends on many things including the material and the structural form. Durahold Rug Pads have some of the best R-Factor values ranging from 2 to 2.5.

Density of The Rug Pads

The density of the rug pad also counts towards its insulation capacity. Density basically relies on the material used. The density of the rug pad is measured as the weight of a cubic foot of the rug pad. The higher this measure is, the better the density of the layer, and the better the insulation capacity of the rug pad. The density of the rug pad also counts towards its durability and sturdiness. Regular Rug Pads have a density from 5 to 8 cubic feet. However, higher-grade rug pads can have a density of 25-30 as well, which are mostly used in an industrial setting. The manufacturer mentions the density sometimes in yards instead of feet. Making comparisons between rug pads with different density measurements will require a little bit of math.

thick rugpadThickness of The Rug Pads

In general, thickness of the rug pad and its insulation are highly correlated. Usually, a normal rug pad can be anywhere from one quarter to half an inch thick. Durahold Rug Pads have a higher thickness and can be up to one and a half inch think depending on the type. Thicker rug pads also provide other things like better traction and durability. Thicker pads are not always the best option, because the carpet can flex too much causing it to fall apart.

Cutting The Durahold Rug Pads

cutting a padsIn the modern home, angles are of the utmost importance; the commonly square shape and right angles have become outdated. Instead homes are built with spaces in triangles, circles and pentagons. This especially presents a problem when it comes to anything used to cover the floor, especially rug pads. The problem persistent to Rug Pads is that they come in very specific shapes and sizes. They come in squares ranging from 8’ x10’ to 9’x12’ which is a very limited size range. Oftentimes carpets can be smaller than the rug pads. This means that you will have to cut the rug pad to meet your specific needs. Another problem with the shape of the rug pad is that you sometimes have to match them to the shape of the house, for example at the edge of round walls. All these issues are faced by people when layering their carpets and floors with rug pads. Cutting rug pads to a specific shape can be very tricky. The pads themselves have a very thick rubber material, which is hard to cut. To ensure that you do not ruin the rug pad, there are steps you have to follow. A rug pad can be anywhere from half inch to an inch thick while a DuraholdRug Pad is somewhere between one inch to two inches think. There are companies out there that can custom make a rug pad but you will have to pay extra for that service.

Cutting a Durahold Rug Pad

A Durahold Rug Pad is slightly different from a normal rug pad. It is made from natural materials, which make it thicker and denser than other rug pads. This means that you will need a better foam cutter or scissors when attempting to cut a Durahold Rug Pad.

cutting rugpadsCutting a Rug Pad for a Circle

A circle rug presents a problem when you need to cut a rug pad for it. The best way recommended by the company is to cut it in a diamond shape. Find the center of the circle and put a line along the width and the length of the rug pad, with the line running through the center. Next, use a foamcutter or scissors to cut from one end point to the other forming a diamond. Make sure you cut the rug pad about 2 inches shorter on all sides than the pad itself.


Cutting rug pads can be a tricky business. However if you follow some basic rules you cannot go wrong. And remember, these pads provide many benefits to the user, which include noise reduction, insulation and improving the feel of the floor underneath your feet, protecting the floor from scratches and most importantly providing traction to the carpet.


Durahold Rug Pads – Why Are They Special

durahold padsHeating is not a problem

Durahold rug pads are useful in insulating an entire room. If you are unwell or feel too cold as compared to the rest of the family members, you can line your room with this product. Not only will it cushion your footsteps and bump the overall comfort of your house, it will keep your feet toasted and warm. Their internal arrangement is designed so particularly that they are able to provide a very balanced and a comfortably warm floor. This is neither too hot nor too cold to touch. So, even if you have a toddler who seems to get sick every other day because of snow outside, you can simply pad their room. Even if they crawl all day, the floor will keep their tiny bodies warm and free from catching a cold.

The extra comfort

A Durahold rug pad has the ability to add a lot of comfort to the floor and the rug. Unlike most padding it does not have to be thick in inches particularly to provide the desired protection. Durahold rug pad works because of its varying densities. Whether you need it for an entire room or simply a coffee table rug, you can vary the density for maximized comfort.

durahold padThey do not slip

This is perhaps the most important feature of a Durahold rug pad. It works by simply ensuring that whatever rug is placed above it, it stays. It has a double action because of its varying textures on both sides. The side of Durahold rug pads which comes in contact with the floor has a peculiar texture immediately forming a natural bond with the floor. The lower part has an engineered eight sided texture. This is what acts as a natural glue, sticking effortlessly to the floor. This ensures the pad will not slip off. Therefore the mechanism of the carpet side sticking to the rug and the rug side forming a bond with the floor is what guarantees its efficiency. If you have been looking for such assurance, ensure you pick out a Durahold rug pad, and not any other ordinary kind.