Choosing a thick rug pad

817Lj5NwysL._SL1500_Maybe you are purchasing a carpet or have just recently obtained one, and now you realized it might not be a good idea to walk over it even once before getting the right type of rug pad for it. That can more often than not prove true, as improper padding or absence of one can significantly damage the carpet and even the floor beneath it. You will want to get a rug pad that suits your specific needs and not just one you are recommended. Especially not the one offered to you for free by the carpet vendor – those suck! What are, then, some of the situations where someone will specifically choose to get a thick rug pad for their carpet? The best answer to that would be: getting the most they can of their desired rug pad effect. For example, a thick rug pad made from cushy prime foam will add that much more cushioning and comfort when you have a number of people constantly sitting on the floor. The insulation between the floor and the carpet will also be much greater, and people sitting on the floor won’t be unpleasantly blasted with the cold temperature of the floor during winter. On the other hand, you probably don’t want a rug pad like that for rooms where you are experiencing traffic. While it might be thick, due to its cushy nature that might actually prove detrimental as it won’t offer the best stability of the carpet relative to the floor. It might not even keep the carpet in place. For such an area, if you are choosing a thick rug pad, you will want to opt for a choice focused on durability and providing stability to keep the carpet in place. A nice felt rubber rug pad with attention paid to density will often prove to be a wonderful choice for crowded hallways in public places, even residential buildings. If you are looking to equip a thick rug pad beneath your carpet, you are more than likely experiencing issues with lack of sound insulation. The thumping of footsteps over your rug without an appropriately thick rug pad can slowly drive you mad, not to mention the people unfortunate enough to reside in the room below. With the right rug padding, this noise can be muffled significantly or even completely neutralized. Keep in mind, however, that the thicker the rug pad is, the more difficult it can be to clean in some cases. This especially holds true for fiber rug pads, where extra thickness mostly means extra boring work placed into the cleaning and care. 81GOnja9R0L._SX425_Remember it’s not just about realizing you want a thick rug pad but also that you need to pay close attention to the materials used and the overall purpose of your rug pad. Every inch of added thickness costs more so don’t go over your budget, either. If pressed for money, keep in mind that a flat rubber rug pad can work a lot better than a much thicker rug pad made from lesser quality materials such as scrapped urethane foam, not even taking into account risking damage to the carpet with inappropriate materials.