When to choose an area rug

Area-Rugs-SofaSo you’veĀ  decided to complement your home with a nice area rug, or perhaps several of them. However, out of so many shapes and sizes, which ones do you really go for? Well, first of all, it’s important to understand what an area rug is. An area rug is any rug that doesn’t cover the entire room it is in, but rather, just a piece of it; an area, if you will. There are many different reasons why you might go for area rugs as opposed to a more traditional, whole room rug. To start off, they are much more easier to clean. The smaller a rug is, the easier it will be for you to take care of it, starting by cleaning it. Large rugs that cover the whole room can be extremely clunky and attract carpet beetles a lot more easily. Who doesn’t know about these nasty things, eh? Just the thought of bugs in one’s carpet puts horror in a lot of people and makes them feel helpless and not really in control of their home. Well, carpet beetles are a lot more common in full room rugs due to their size. The full room rug gives them a much larger area to settle in, meaning that full room rugs can hold many more carpet beetles than area rugs. If you do get carpet beetles in area rugs, they will be that much easier to get rid of on top of the decreased likelihood of it happening. Moving on, an area rug is less likely to attract dirt and stains simply because it will be walked over much more often by people than a full room rug will. Think about it: every time someone walks in a room with a full room rug, that rug is more likely than not attracting dirt and god knows what else. Meanwhile, for an area rug to attract dirt and potential stains, one must walk specifically over the spot it is in, which drastically reduces the likelihood of it happening. This also means that, just as it is much easier for a full room rug to get stained, so is it more likely to break down and attract wear and tear. With a full room rug, you are often simply biding time and wondering how long until you start noticing the wear on your carpet. An area rug, however, doesn’t have that problem, depending on where you place it, and it can last tens of times longer than a full room rug. Most people pay primary attention to room aesthetics when choosing a spot for an area rug, but in reality, they should pay just as much attention to traffic if they’d like to keep their rug longer. This especially stands true for more expensive area rugs that people will often place in low traffic spots just to increase their longevity and reduce the wear and tear these rugs receive, possibly even the staining. Well, we hope this article has been of some help to you and made you realize an area rug is often the preferred and even viable choice.