Durahold rug pads for offices

In the office, the employees need to have a stable surface where their chairs are not placed on floors that are uneven. If a rug is placed on these floors, it causes back pains, which affects the productivity of the employee at the end of the day. Keeping in mind the comfort that the office needs, Durahold rug pads are ideally made for your office needs. With their plush surface, soft make and a thick padding, they keep the rug straight and even, not letting a single wrinkle or bump appear on the face of the rug. This not only helps keep the rug safe and secure it also provides a stable and balanced ground for the chair to sit on. Their good grip makes it easy for employees to move their chairs around even if they have wheels. Their dual surface will guarantee a good grip and protection for the floors of an office building.

The right choice

Rug-Stop-Ivory-Dark-IMG_9415Offices are built and designed to be both comfortable and economical. They are designed with the efficiency that is needed for employees and more often than not, they tend to leave out things like proper flooring or cheap carpeting. This doesn’t seem harmful but for someone who works there and walks about all day, this does harm them at the end of the day. Extra Comfort Rug Pads – Thicker rug pads are designed for optimum comfort. Their surface is thick enough and strong enough to hold the weight of the chair and take it evenly so that it does not cause the chair to tilt. Since it sticks to the ground well enough, placing a rug on it will keep both of them from sliding even if the chair is moved around a little. Since the rug pads are thick, they cushion the chair and rugs to provide the best comfort. Good Grip – Extreme comfort aside, the rug pad has a flawless grip that will keep the rug in place. This will not let the rugs in the office slide when someone walks over them quickly. Since the office space is made for efficiency, rug pads are designed to cater to that efficiency. Long rugs, placed in hallways and on carpets will not slip or curl up when an ultra grip rug pad is placed underneath.
The worker can walk in it as fast as they want and it will not latch onto the shoe or heel. This will keep the employees safe even when they walk faster over rugs when hurrying about their daily routine.

The conclusion

Rug pads are the perfect addition and protection for the rug in both the home and office environment. For the home, the atmosphere is different, slightly more relaxed then at work. At work, the employees need an environment where they can be productive. Giving them a soft place to work in, where the office space is comfortable and easy is the best in terms of productivity. Buying a rug pad for your rug will ensure protection and keep the rugs lasting longer. If a rug is placed on a carpeted surface, the rough underside of the rug will damage the fibers of the carpet. The constant friction also damages the bottom of the carpet as well. With a rug pad underneath, the smooth surface on both sides will let the carpet and the rug last longer.

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