Facts That Make Durahold Rug Pads Special

durahold padsDurahold Rug pads are a whole lot better than any other regular kind of rug padding. When picking out a rug padding for your carpet, mat or area rug it is very important that you make a well-informed and sensible decision that will benefit your hardwood floor and your carpet. For this very reason it is important that you weigh in your options. Durahold rug pads are natural rug paddings that provide you with all the protection you need.

To ensure you do not make an emotional, impulsive and hasty decision and consider the things that matter to you like the:

•Aesthetics of your house

•The comfort •

And the will to protect your hardwood floor

The above mentioned are the three very basic requirements. A Durahold rug pad can offer a lot more. Following are some of the most important facts and the key features you need to know about a Durahold rug pad. It is these that make this particular padding so beneficial for a home:

Durahold Rug Pads Protect The Floor

This is another important fact and feature about Durahold rug pads. Because of their make they are able to endure extreme weights. Oftentimes we do not realize why our floors develop depressions. This is the cause of the pressure placed by furniture and other heavy objects such as heavy appliances. A Durahold rug pad has the ability to maintain the floor by combating all kinds of pressure applied on them. This also helps in ensuring a long lasting life of the rug and the floor. Because they are free from all sorts of chemicals and adhesives they also do not leave vivid marks on the floor. This results in the floor looking fresh, new and polished throughout its entire period of use.

durahold pads for floorsDurahold Rug Pads Provide Extra Comfort

A Durahold rug pad has the ability to add a lot of comfort to the floor and the rug. Unlike most padding it does not have to be thick in inches particularly to provide the desired protection. Durahold rug pad works because of its varying densities. Whether you need it for an entire room or simply a coffee table rug, you can vary the density for maximized comfort.

Durahold Rug Pads Provide Non-Slip Action

This is perhaps the most important feature of a Durahold rug pad. It works by simply ensuring that whatever rug is placed above it, it stays. It has a double action because of its varying textures on both sides. The side of Durahold rug pads which comes in contact with the floor has a peculiar texture immediately forming a natural bond with the floor. The lower part has an engineered eight sided texture. This is what acts as a natural glue, sticking effortlessly to the floor. This ensures the pad will not slip off. Therefore the mechanism of the carpet side sticking to the rug and the rug side forming a bond with the floor is what guarantees its efficiency. If you have been looking for such assurance, ensure you pick out a Durahold rug pad, and not any other ordinary kind.

Durahold Rug Pads Provide Insulation

Durahold rug pads are useful in insulating an entire room. If you are unwell or feel too cold as compared to the rest of the family members, you can line your room with this product. Not only will it cushion your footsteps and bump the overall comfort of your house, it will keep your feet toasted and warm. Their internal arrangement is designed so particularly that they are able to provide a very balanced and a comfortably warm floor. This is neither too hot nor too cold to touch. So, even if you have a toddler who seems to get sick every other day because of snow outside, you can simply pad their room. Even if they crawl all day, the floor will keep their tiny bodies warm and free from catching a cold.

durahold padDurahold Rug Pads Are Resistant To The Heat System

Nowadays almost every house has a heating system installed. This heating system is a very effective way of managing the temperature of the entire house. It works by radiating heat from the floor in each room. When people install rug pads, they often forget to mention this feature of their house to the manufacturer. Ordinary rug pads may not have the resistance to withhold such heat. As a result of this, over time they begin to melt off because of the radiations they receive from the base. This melting results in the rug pads to stick, very harmfully, to the floor. Getting a new rug pad would not be your concern, you will be required to extract your hardwood floor and reinstall a new one.

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