To Slip or Not To Slip – Non-Slip Durahold Rug Pads

durahold padsThis particular kind of rug padding is better than the rest for various reasons. It has a very different texture on both sides depending on which comes in contact with the floor and which is in contact with the rug. Based on these varying textures, strong bonds are formed. These ensure a non-slip link between the rug and the floor. Thetextures form a very strong bond; the rug pad with both the floor and the rug ensuring complete safety when walking. Durahold rug pads work effectively well when it comes to serving as a protective layer against all dust and wet spills. They are resistant to such hazards. They ensure either of the two does not penetrate down to the floor. As a result of this, they allow easy and thorough cleaning of both the rug and the hardwood floors.

The choice

This helps in maintaining the pad and the rugs life and cleanliness. This is also because of their unique arrangement. They form a vacuum between the rug and hardwood floor that the newness of both items is sustained over a long period of time. Their density and thickness allows them to offer resistance towards all kinds of pressure often placed while moving furniture around. This way you can even place dining tables, sofas, beds, chairs and other similar heavy appliances on them without worrying about damaging your floor. The arrangement of their interwoven strands and their overall texture is unique and different.Because of this physical quality they do not require the incorporation of any glues or adhesives to stick to the floor. They cling to the floor on the basis of the suction cups formed. These arecreated because the side in contact with the floor has alternate elevations and depressions.

hardwood floorsThe reason

For this reason even after years of use of the hardwood floors, they have no marks of the rugs installation.As a result of this maintenance, they allowyou to maintain the newness and shine of the hardwood floors. Oftentimes people have heated floors.This meansthat the floors will omit constant heat to manage a roomÂ’s temperature. Ordinary rug pads have the very troublesome tendency to melt off. This makesthem permanently stick to the floor not only damaging the heating system but also completely destroying the hardwood floor. Durahold rug pads are made of such a rubber that it does not melt even on heated floors. It sustains its firm nature and even assists the room through its insulation qualities. So if this is one of your concerns it can be catered to with the right kind of rug pad.

The conclusion

All the above mentioned properties make Durahold rug pads one of the best choices which can help in protection and cushioning any kind of floor, area rug, mat and carpet. Their natural capacities, varying densities, pressure resistant and water repellent qualities have made them the top notch rug pads. If you have any extraordinary concern that regular rug pads seem unable to counter, Durahold rug pads will ensure that they do. Purchase them now and secure your homes comfort and aesthetic appeal; without compromise.

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